Nature in Motion

By Carmen Jude Aquila (1969-)


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Click HERE to browse the music.Nature In Motion is a striking set that never lacks for melodic invention, harmonic clarity, and a healthy challenge for the fingers. Written by the internationally performed composer Carmen Jude Aquila, these ten effective movements demonstrate a mastery of the piano medium and the composer's uncanny gift for interesting textural landscapes. Nature In Motion is ideally suited for recitals, auditions, and performance competitions. The ten movements are:1. Rushing Water 2. Slow-drifting Clouds 3. Laughing Wind 4. Dissolving Fog 5. Lazy Shade 6. Majestic Moonrise 7. Swaying Trees 8. Chasing Leaves 9. Lighthearted Rain 10. Fluttering Snow

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Title: Nature in Motion

Ensemble: Piano

Composer: Carmen Jude Aquila (1969-)

Includes score: Yes

Includes parts: No

SKU: PS-1380609-D

Seller: Benjamin Ayotte

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Nature in Motion


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