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Earn High Royalties

Most publishers keep more than half of your sales—at best. Now, you can earn up to 75% for every sale.

  • Up to 5 pieces uploaded: 60%
  • 5–24 pieces uploaded: 70%
  • 25 or more pieces uploaded: 75%
Receive Quick Payments

Don't wait months to get paid. Receive your earnings within just a week with PayPal.

Get Awesome Analytics

Stop guessing why you're not selling as much as you'd like. Let the data tell you exactly what to do.


Share Your Music with Those Most Likely to Buy

Google Rankings

Your music is automatically synced up with Google so people can find your music through search results. This allows customers to find and buy your music easily.

Attract YouTube Listeners

YouTube is the #1 place people find new music. Utilize the power of scale and efficiency. With your permission, your music is added to our YouTube channel, sharing it with more buyers.

Easy Social Sharing

Have followers on social media? No problem! For every piece you upload, you have the option to share it to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with just a few clicks.

Nurture Repeat Customers

Using predictive algorithms, your music's listings is automatically emailed to the right people at the right time—including past customers. That way, your music is seen by those most likely to buy your music.

Beautiful Storefront

Ever needed to share all your music? Now you'll have your own customizable storefront with all your music in one place. It's just as user-friendly as the rest of this site, meaning your online presence is just as professional as you.


Keep Your Music in the Right Hands

Watermarked PDFs

Every PDF sold is watermarked with the buyer's name, preventing unauthorized sharing of your music.

Praised by composers like you

“I highly recommend Parts and Score and urge you to share it with other composers, arrangers, and performers!”

Eric Heidner, Professor of Music at SBCC

“Parts and Score’s interface is very user-friendly and intuitive. It has made publishing my arrangements much easier than ever before.”

Olivia Nava, music student

“…The creators of Parts and Score have done there homework. Composers have nothing to lose and only much to gain by joining Parts and Score. Two thumbs up!”

Tito Abeleda, composer

“I need to stress that I really like this site. It is very user-friendly and easy to update. I learned very quickly how to make my material more attractive by replacing the thumbnail with a graphic representing the cover of my work.”

C. Foster Payne, composer

The Process Is Simple

Upload Music

Uploading to Parts and Score is easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

Sell Music

Promote your music, and we'll also help out, giving you even more sales.

Get Paid

Receive your money with weekly payouts through PayPal.

No Compromises. No Sacrifices.

You shouldn't feel like you're trapped by the system, or restricted by options available to you.

Retain Complete Ownership

You keep all the copyrights to your work and retain ownership. You're free to do what you wish.

No Exclusivity

Your music is yours. You're free to continue selling your music elsewhere and have complete control with your music.

No Approval Periods

Your music is live as soon as you upload it. No need to wait days for approval, even for minor edits.

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