Benjamin Ayotte


Welcome to Ayotte Custom Musical Engravings! We are a publisher and distributor of sheet music for the educational market and for professional musicians. Our offerings run the gamut from large ensemble works for Concert Band, Brass Band, and Orchestra to chamber works for solo instrument and keyboard; woodwind quintet; brass choir; and saxophone quartet. We also publish choral works, solo songs, and operas. Take a look at our offerings! We also provide complete music preparation services. Using the following example of a sixteen-measure piece: a single staff consisting of the melodic line and all applicable expressions and articulations: $4.80 a piano rendering of the same music: $9.60 the same music arranged for string quartet: $19.20 A twenty-piece orchestra performing the same music: $96.00 ​ …you get the idea. ​ Most projects contain one or two editorial passes back and forth to ensure complete satisfaction. ​ Graphic scores (e.g., Schenkerian sketches, modernist graphic scores, etc.) are evaluated on a per-case basis; call us with a description, or e-mail us samples for an estimate on your project. Dr. Benjamin Ayotte | 517.304.1005

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