Four Two-Voice Inventions op. 5

By Heinrich Schenker (1868-1935)


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Click HERE to browse the music. Schenker is known to have sent Julius Röntgen a copy of his Zweistimmige Inventionen. He seems to have been particularly fond on no. 2 of the set of four. He wrote to Röntgen on 13 April 1901, 'I hope that Invention No. 2, of which I am very proud, interests you. It is indeed rather quick—I mean passionate, deliberate, very expressive! It is here, primarily, where I’ve breached modernism. It would make me very happy if this invention pleased you.†Patrick Miller offers this assessment of these works vis-à-vis Scheker’s other published output:'The four pieces in this set seemingly mark a departure from the dense harmonic and rhythmic textures of Schenker’s previously published piano compositions. The intricate melodic lines of these pieces, however, imply a texture rich with harmonic and rhythmic details. … The first invention is a delicate chromatic study, while the second invention is an intense chromatic piece based on the B–A–C–H motive, Bß–A–C–B. With regard to thematic material and texture, the third invention is the most transparent of the set and is an exacting study in finger articulation. The fourth invention is a canon and, according to a printed footnote, is ‘a study after JS Bach’s Invention no. 2 (C minor) .' No. 1 in E minor No. 2 in F-sharp minor No. 3 in D minor No. 4 in A major

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Title: Four Two-Voice Inventions op. 5

Ensemble: Piano

Composer: Heinrich Schenker (1868-1935)

Includes score: Yes

Includes parts: No

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Seller: Benjamin Ayotte

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Four Two-Voice Inventions op. 5


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