Anastasia: An Opera in One Act (Piano-Vocal Score)

By James Hoyt Wagner (1950-)

Percussion with piano

Includes score

Digital download

Click HERE to browse the music.Click the PLAY button for an audio sample! Unfortunately, your browser does not support the audio element. Please consider an upgrade. Anastasia: An opera in One Act by James H. Wagner. First performed 15 April 1997 at the Eastern Michigan University Opera Workshop Concert directed by Donald Hartmann with the composer at the piano accompanied by Ethan Allen on percussion. For more than a year after abdicating the throne of Russia, Nicholas and his family have been under house arrest. The opera opens with the former Czar lamenting his fall from power and precarious circumstances. His wife, Alexandra, consoles him and they sing of their undying love in the duet, One Love Forever. One by one, the children awake and join them on stage. Anastasia dramatically portrays a dream she has just had. Then, in an upbrat song of hope she explains her optimistic outlook in My Name Is Anastasia. The ensemble joins her at the end, assuring one another they will all soon be 'rising up to life again.' To while away the time, the family pretends they are at the French Ambassador's New Year's Ball. At the height of the ensuing waltz, Comrade Sladislav, Captain of the Red Guard, and a band of revolutionary guards burst it. Sladislav harangues Nicholas and the family. Then, in the vindictive Song of the Revolution, he extols the greatness of la Révolution as the family watches in fear. Nicholas and Alexandra remind each other of their 'one love forever' and the children 'look for dawn in darkest night.' The Captain then marches the family down to the cellar (off-stage), ostensibly to await transport. Thus trapped, they are easy prey for the revolvers of Sladislav and his men. The self-satisfies revolutionary reemerges and makes his closing statements before exiting. Scored for piano and percussion. Dramatis Personæ: Anastasia (soprano) Comrade Sladislav (baritone) Nicholas (baritone) Alexandra (contralto) Olga (soprano) Maria (mezzo-soprano) Alexis (mezzo-soprano) Guards (2 tenors and a baritone)

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Title: Anastasia: An Opera in One Act (Piano-Vocal Score)

Ensemble: Percussion with piano

Composer: James Hoyt Wagner (1950-)

Includes score: Yes

Includes parts: No

SKU: PS-7726917-D

Seller: Benjamin Ayotte

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Anastasia: An Opera in One Act (Piano-Vocal Score)


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