Tears from My Eyes: Reflection and Contemplation (for Flute Choir)

By Tito Abeleda

$30.00, for Flute

FLUTE CHOIR: Piccolo, E Flat Flute Solo, E Flat Flute 1-2, Flute 1-3, Alto Flute 1-2, Bass Flute 1-2 Compose by Tito Abeleda (1964 - ) Music score plus parts = 72 pages digital download.

Your intermediate level to advanced students and even professional musicians should find this to be a welcomed piece to learn and master. It looks deceptively simple but the learning and challenge comes from two smaller sub-ensembles playing together in their own collective units legato con moto while playing together as a whole music ensemble Everyone will enjoy and bathe in the beautiful harmonies that will resonate when the entire music ensemble begins to listen to each while playing together as a group. Your musicians will hone their skills in playing together with just the right balance that this song requires. Your musicians will also hone their skills for subdividing and maintaining an inner beat that is in sync with your conducting because there is no percussion and the notes are freely flowing on and off the down beat yet not sounding heavily syncopated when performed. When will you know when you have achieved the right balance and flow of the music? You will know when, because you will hear it and feel it when it comes into place. But I can help you with all of this with what I have to offer you today. I share with you now Tears from my Eyes: Reflection and Contemplation (for Flute Choir).

This song is on the album Mourning in the Rain, released on September 11, 2019. Special thanks to Jhonis Martin photography for album and sheet music cover photography.

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