Silent Night, Holy Night (for Orchestra)

By Franz X. Gruber, Arr. Tito Abeleda

$35.00, for Orchestra

F. Gruber's Silent Night, Holy Night (for Full Orchestra) Arranged by Tito Abeleda (1964 - ). Digital Download = 70 pages. Duration = 4 minutes 42 seconds. Advanced Intermediate

INSTRUMENTATION - Piccolo 1.2 / Flute 1.2.3 / Alto Flute / Oboe / Cor Anglais 1.2 / Clarinet in E^b / Clarinet in D / Clarinet in B^b 1.2.3 / Clarinet in A 1.2.3 / Bassoon / Contrabassoon 1.2 / Horn in F 1–8 / Trumpet in D / Trumpet in C / Bass Trumpet in E^b / Trombone 1.2.3 / Tenor Tuba in B^b 1.2 / Bass Tuba in F / Timpani 1.2 / Cymbals / Tubular Bells / Harp / Violin I / Violin II / Violan Violoncello / Double Bass

To understand why I composed this arrangement of Silent Night, Holy Night in the way that I did, close your eyes and imagine taking a holy journey or pilgrimage to visit the Holy Nativity. I musically convey what I imagined it would have been like to make this long journey like the Three Wise Kings and others did to follow the Star of Bethlehem to see the Blessed Child that prophets had foretold. As each person begins the journey, you will hear the distinctly grave motif indicative of the quest that was before them. The brass gloriously herald one's approach to the Holy Nativity coupled with the commencement of the Silent Night, Holy Night carol theme upon one's arrival.

The music Silent Night, Holy Night was originally composed in 1818 by Franz X. Gruber. The original lyrics were were written in German by James Mohr also in 1818. This Christmas Classic was translated to English in 1859 by John Young. I wrote this arrangement yesterday as an intermediate level piano solo.This is a re-imagined version of Franz Gruber's Christmas Carol classic Silent Night, Holy Night. Section A begins with a poignant introduction in C Minor, then modulates to C Major for the main" Silent Night, Holy Night" Christmas Carol theme in Section B. Section C returns to a new version of its introductory C Minor motif. The song segues back to its "Silent Night, Holy Night theme, but modulating to D Major for its closing.

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