Procession in D Minor (for Four Pianos with Eight Hands

By Tito Abeleda

$24.99, for Piano Quartet

4 Piano Ensemble with 8 Hands -Level ADVANCED Composed by Tito Abeleda (1964- ) Music Score plus parts = 45 pages digital download

Recent events have served as the impetus for creativity for me. Last week I was so overwhelmed with emotion, sadness, courage, and inspiration to compose the piece Procession in D Minor (for Full Orchestra and SATBB Choir) and Procession in Minor (for Wind Ensemble and SATBB Choir). This week I composed Procession in D Minor (for Four Pianos with 8 Hands). It is deep, profound, and filled with a mixture of the emotions I was feeling during my writing of the piece. There is an undertone of sadness yet its build in processional style is indicative of courage to overcome adversity, to face challenges, and to honor those who have been taken away from us.

This cinematic song like its orchestral parent builds dramatically with each piano layer added throughout the song's journey for a cinematic climactic ending. The pianos provide both music and percussive rhythms throughout the song. Care must be taken in bringing out the melodic motifs while the thunderous bed layers remain supportive to each melodic motif.

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