Phoenix Rising (Piano Solo)

By Tito Abeleda


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PHOENIX RISING is an advanced intermediate piano solo composed by Tito Abeleda (1964 - ). Digital download = 12 pages.

With battles and war, death is an inevitability. The pandemic biological war is no different. At the time of this writing, the death toll has far exceeded the death toll of our greatest wars. The pandemic has begun hitting close to home upon hearing of friends fighting to survive the illness and friends who have lost the battle to this insidious disease still shrouded in much mystery. We who survive this pandemic are growing and evolving with a newer sense of life, a new normal, and a respect for it. It is our rebirth. Those thoughts and emotions inspired me to write Phoenix Rising for the piano. The song is symbolic of the mystical phoenix who resurrects to a new life after dying a burning death to its ashes. I am dedicating this piece to our healthcare workers and first responders.

I am dedicating this piece to our healthcare workers and first responders.

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Title: Phoenix Rising (Piano Solo)

Ensemble: Piano

Composer: Tito Abeleda

Includes score: Yes

Includes parts: No

SKU: PS-7777912-D

Seller: Tito Abeleda

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Phoenix Rising (Piano Solo)


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