L'heure de la Mort (for Orchestra with Cello Solo)

By Tito Abeleda

$40.00, for Orchestra

L' heure de la Mort means the hour of death. L’ heure de la Mort allows one to to reflect, to contemplate, to grieve, and to ponder one's existence. Musicians, young and seasoned, will find this piece easily accessible and enjoyable for learning and performing. Audiences will identify with the musical emotionality conveyed in this piece as it takes its listeners on a vivid passionate journey filled with much pathos. L’ heure de la Mort not only embraces death but also takes listeners on an epic journey infused with courage, nobility, respect, and courage to overcome our greatest challenges. The piece begins with a dark, foreboding, expressive cello solo motif symbolizing death’s existence. Then it takes an epic climactic build to convey life’s journey with a sense of overcoming adversity as one does throughout life. The strings and woodwinds herald a sweeping triumphant melody while the brass rise gloriously heralding the joys of life. However, the return to the opening theme in the closing represents death’s natural, respectful inevitability, concluding this life as a step to moving onward to the hereafter.

L' heure de la Mort (for Orchestra with Cello Solo) was composed by Tito Abeleda (1964 - ). Digital Download = 73 pages Level = Advanced Intermediate

Instruments: Flute 1-2, Oboe, Clarinet 1-2, Bassoon1-2, Horn 1-4, Trumpet1-4, Trombone1-2, Timpani, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Tubular Bells, Orchestral Bells, Cymbals, Piano, Violin 1-2, Viola 1-2, Violoncello Solo, Violoncello 1-2, Contrabass

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Special Thanks to Ivan Siarbolin - photographer for sheet music cover.

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