Imperial Battle March (for Full Orchestra)

By Tito Abeleda

$40.00, for Orchestra

IMPERIAL BATTLE MARCH by Tito Abeleda (1964 - ) Digital Download Score plus Parts = 87 Pages. INSTRUMENTATION: Flute\n\Oboe\n\Clarinet\n\Bassoon\n\Horn in F1\n\Horn in F2\n\Horn in F3\n\Horn in F4\n\Trumpet 1\n\Trumpet 2\n\Trumpet 3\n\Trombone 1\n\Trombone 2\n\Timpani\n\Snare Drum\n\Bass Drum\n\Cymbals\n\Roto-toms\n\Tom-toms\n\Taiko Drums\n\Violin I\n\Violin II\n\Viola\n\Violoncello\n\Contrabass

Imperial Battle March captures the very essence of march to battle for the royal imperial army. This epic, cinematic song encapsulates courage, nobility, honor, boldness, triumph, and victory. As the hero from battle, march triumphantly to Imperial Battle March leading your soldiers to victory. As the superhero, soar into to save lives. As the athlete, cross the finish line to win the championship.

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