Descensus ad Infero (for Two Pianos with Four Hands)

By Tito Abeleda

$9.95, for Piano

Descensus ad Infero is a two piano ensemble piece composed by Tito Abeleda (1964 - ). Digital download is score plus parts = 31 pages.

Descensus ad Infero is Latin for Descent into Hell. As such this is a powerful passionate piece with much boldness, dissonance, and angst. There is a driving pulse that is vehement and at times unpleasant and even frenetic because one's descent into the abyss has been adjudged for a life lived accordingly. Piano 1 and Piano 2 trade off on motifs and dynamic changes. Note the melodic motifs that warrant greater emphasis throughout the piece. This piece is rather accessible for the advanced intermediate student. This score would also work well as music for thriller, horror, and/or suspense films.

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