12 Day of Christmas Holiday Hip-Hop Rap

By Traditional, Arr. Tito Abeleda

$12.95, for Church Choir

Drum Set, Voice, SATB, SAB, TTBB, Tubular Chimes - Intermediate - Digital Download Male Rap Soloist, SSTB, TTBB, Studio Drum Set, Chimes. Female Beat-box option, Male Beat-box option. For free MP3 accompaniment email tito@visionaryquestrecords.com.

Hip-Hop Arrangement by Tito Abeleda (1964 - ) published by Visionary Quest Records. Format, Score plus all parts for a total of 117 pages based upon English Carol circa 1780. Last known Arrangement is 1909 arrangement by Frederick Austin (1872-1952) which slows down on five gold rings is in the public domain in the USA. It will enter the public domain worldwide in 2023. Notably, this arrangement is not an arrangement of the Frederic Austin arrangement. The public domain song is a new dope hip-hop arrangement of the 1780 English Carol Christmas Carol 12 Days of Christmas. It has been modified completely in style, genre, instrumentation, and presentation. It is arranged in the key of A minor. Musically, it has also been arranged completely as a hip-hop rap song with appropriate clean urban flavor added with solo rap and choral rap support and audience participation with claps and stomps done by audience choral members, plus rhythm supplied by studio drum set with deep hip-hop rhythm, plus female beat-box, and male beat-box musical options included if choral director chooses to add that additional hip-hop flavor, plus tubular chime instrument used throughout to provide haunting holiday hip-hop flavor on the DL. The lyrics are clean and suitable for high school choral groups. Additional support lyrics are added to support rap soloist. The tempo and style has been changed to Cool Swag with quarter = 110.Overall, this is a new fun re-imagined rendition of an old classic that high school students and their audiences should also find quite enjoyable. Choreographer should also find this to be a refreshing new project to choreograph.

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