Reverie of a Vivacious Woman

By Thomas Håkanson

$9.99, for Flute

Most of my pieces start with titles. In fact, a lot of my material comes from the title itself, which is the main impetus that drives the piece forward. This piece, however, was very much the opposite. I knew very early on that I wanted a flute piece, for a friend of mine, but I had no title in mind as I started composing the basic material. Even the idea of it being a "Reverie" didn't occur to me until halfway through the composition, but once I saw it, it became so wonderfully obvious. The slow melodic line at the start is entrancing, and quite dreamlike, lulling you into the sound world of mystical flute being played by some magical being. It is then followed by a quick, playful section, as if this character is lulling you in to a sort of game. This is then followed by a recapitulation, as the magical being fades off into the distance, represented by the performer leaving the stage. The Reverie is completed, and the listener/dreamer is left enchanted.

Reverie of a Vivacious Woman was written for and dedicated to my dear friends Victoria Chapman and Jill Felber.

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