Instrumental Interludes Book 3 for 2 flutes and guitar / piano

By Simon Peberdy

$8.99, for Flute

A third collection of 5 easy melodious gap-fillers for 2 flutes, guitar and/or piano

Written originally for use in church services, written to be easily lengthened / shortened to suit the occasion by spontaneously choosing which sections to play/repeat from the rehearsal marks given. Basic duration is given in the title.

  1. Instrumental Interlude 3'00 in F
  2. Instrumental Interlude 1'58 in B flat
  3. Instrumental interlude 2'07 in E minor
  4. Instrumental Interlude 1'15 in D
  5. Instrumental Interlude 2'06 in C minor

Sorry, no youtube video yet! The mp3 is of no. 2

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