Instrumental Interludes Book 1 for 2 flutes and guitar / piano

By Simon Peberdy

$8.99, for Flute

A book of 5 short instrumental pieces for 2 flutes and guitar / piano

Written originally to be used in church services, adaptable in length as required.

(The pdf file has the full score and separate instrumental parts - usually the simple pages with the flute parts and guitar chords will suffice, there's no need to print out all ~70 pages)

  1. Instrumental Interlude 1'40 (G major)
  2. Instrumental Interlude 2'11 (A minor)
  3. Instrumental Interlude 2'16 (D major)
  4. Instrumental Interlude 2'22 (B flat major)
  5. Instrumental Interlude 2'55 (F major)

The mp3 is of number 3. More music by Simon Peberdy available from

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