Gallop Athletic Piano Trio for 6 hands at one piano

By Simon Peberdy

$4.00, for Piano Trio 6 hands

A fun piece requiring all 3 pianists to swap seats (although an "non-athletic" version is also possible) with a melody that sticks in your head, for which I apologise. Find 2 more pianists and the three of you are sure to enjoy playing through this. No dynamics are given, play it as you like, this is just for fun! "For piano, SIX hands, this involves the players changing seats as it proceeds. This is not just a circus trick; the music is arresting and interesting for all the players and listeners. There are well judged contrasts in texture and tonality which prevent the music from becoming too thick or indigestible." (Andrew Wilson, Director of Studies, National College of Music, London) The pdf file contains the full score, then separate 2 page spreads (printed small) for each piano part. The mp3 recording is computer generated, I'm afraid. If you enjoy piano duets, music for 2 pianos, and 3 at a piano, please visit my website, for more pieces.

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Sold by Simon Peberdy.