Daytime Suite for 2 pianos, 4 hands

By Simon Peberdy

$8.99, for 2 pianos 4 hands

A new suite of 6 pieces for 2 pianos (~15 minutes)

"An ingenius suite... the piano writing is always idiomatic and the composer is careful to share the material between the two players in such a way that it is a pleasure to play, as much as a social exercise as a musical one. Many of the movements feature interesting ostinati which help to create the busy parts of the day very successfully." (Andrew Wilson, award-winning composer and Director of Studies, National College of Music, London)

  1. Early Morning The mist, the morning bell chiming, a walk through the woods video
  2. Rush Hour Stress in traffic, police sirens, waiting at traffic lights, on the move again, and finally the relief of getting to your destination. Video of premiere given by Eric Chen and Sean Yin at Vancouver Music Festival, who were awarded the festival's ensemble scholarship for their performance 27.02.16).
  3. Elevenses A calming morning drink with a pleasant chat to friends.
  4. Hard at Work It's back to the grindstone, sitting in front of the computer, trying to get through all of the day's tasks.
  5. Gym Workout Pumping some iron, then looking cool, trying to impress, perhaps?
  6. Bedtime The day is over. Peace resumes, you can snuggle up, feel secure, close your eyes and fall to sleep.

Originally written for a piano pupil of mine, the pieces can be performed as single piano pieces (playing only the piano II part), though as pieces for 2 pianos they come into their own and are much more fun! This is the complete suite, and the mp3 sample is the 4th piece "Hard at Work". If you would like to hear mp3 files of the other pieces, you will need to view them as individual pieces at where you will find a large selection of new compositions and arrangements.

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Sold by Simon Peberdy.