Concerto No. IV in C major for Piano Duet

By Bach / Ernst, arr. Simon Peberdy

Piano duet

Includes score

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This is a duet arrangement of Bach’s adaptation of the Violin Concerto in C major op 1 No.4 by Johann Ernst Prinz von Sachsen Weimar. Or perhaps not... the original piece is not in the set of Ernst’s concertos edited by Telemann and published in 1718. Its attribution is based only on the title, and the original has not been found. Johann Ernst of Saxe-Weimar (1696 –1715) was a German prince who dies at the tender age of 18. He was a collector and commissioner of music and also a composer himself. Some of his concertos were arranged for harpsichord or organ by Bach, who was court organist in Weimar at the time. Bach made these transcriptions roughly between 1713 and 1714 between Johann Ernst’s return from Utrecht and the prince’s final departure from Weimar. There is some debate on Johann Ernst’s role in the creation of these arrangements, whether he commissioned some from one or both of the musicians or whether Bach, in particular, was studying some of the works collected by the prince for their own sake. There are suggestions that on a visit to Amsterdam in February 1713 the Prince may have heard the blind organist J. J. de Graff, who is known to have played keyboard arrangements of other composers’ concertos. In any case, Bach’s encounter with the prince’s collection, and especially the Italian music it contained, had a profound influence on the development of the composer’s musical style. (Source: Internet - wiki) For more new compositions and arrangements, please visit

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Product details

Title: Concerto No. IV in C major for Piano Duet

Ensemble: Piano duet

Composer: Bach / Ernst

Arranger: Simon Peberdy

Includes score: Yes

Includes parts: No

SKU: PS-8398564-D


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Concerto No. IV in C major for Piano Duet


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