Chopin in Brazil Piano Duet

By Simon Peberdy, based on Chopin

$3.99, for Piano Duet

Hold on to your hats! After the initial 13 bars of Chopin's original prelude in E minor, the essence of its harmony continues, but somehow seems so far removed from the original, in its new Latin American form! Written in 2014, the year that the World Cup was hosted by Brazil, footballing Chopin fans or Chopining football fans can let their football boots dance to the rhythm.

First performed by Marcus Andrews and Mark Fielding at Dartington International Summer School, 7th August 2014. For a video of the premiere: There's also a Youtube a video of another performance at the Slovak Piano competition Banskoštiavnické kladivká, from 7.May 2019, performed by 15 yr old twin sisters Diana and Ramona Valková at

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