Bach 2 Part Inventions 6-10 for 2 pianos, 4 hands (second piano part by Simon Peberdy)

By Simon Peberdy

$12.99, for Piano 4 Hands

Bach's 2 Part Inventions 6-10 with an additional piano part by Simon Peberdy

A second book of Bach's 2 part inventions with a new additional piano part written by Simon Peberdy (there is also a book of Bach 2 Part Inventions 1-5 for 2 pianos available)

  1. No. 6 in E major
  2. No. 7 in E minor
  3. No. 8 in F major
  4. No. 9 in F minor
  5. No. 10 in G major

For more music for 2 pianos and piano duets, please visit The mp3 is of No. 10 in G major. The youtube video is of all 5.

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Sold by Simon Peberdy.