Tangula (orchestra)

By Nick Raspa


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In keeping with the Halloween theme, Tangula is the second dance in the set of "Three Dances for Halloween". This dance, as the name implies, is based on the familiar Tango. I selected the tango because of the sensuous nature of the dance and named the piece with a direct reference to the infamous Dracula, who is portrayed as a very sensuous demon (a rather inappropriate portrayal when you consider the actual historical person this character was based upon). In any event, this is based on the fictional Count Dracula with all the sensuality and mystery that normally surrounds him. The claves and marimba remind us, at times, of the clanking of bones while the skeletons are dancing. This piece, along with the other two in the set, were done tongue-in-cheek which is the reason for the obviously flippant ending. Forces for this dance: 2222 0000 str mar perc The complete set of dances is available separately under the title "Three Dances For Halloween". ASCAP

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Title: Tangula (orchestra)

Ensemble: Orchestra

Composer: Nick Raspa

Includes score: Yes

Includes parts: Yes

SKU: PS-8207902-D

Seller: NJR Music

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Tangula (orchestra)


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