Morning Sunrise

By Nick Mazuk

Concert band

Includes score and parts

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As a composer, musical ideas pop into my head every day. Most of them are entirely unrelated to any piece I am currently working on, and I manage to write some of them down for future reference. The theme of Morning Sunrise is one of those ideas. When I wrote it down, I had no idea that I was ever going to create a piece from it, so I just wrote it down for strings.

Several months later, however, I had decided that I wanted to write a piece to thank those who have made my high school music life great. I spent weeks developing 4 or 5 themes and even had half of a piece done at one point, but none of them worked. I then remembered this one from and realized that it was the perfect theme.

The result of taking so long to complete this piece is that it is a compelling piece where there are no extraneous notes, and no missing ones either. It is one where every detail matters.


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Title: Morning Sunrise

Ensemble: Concert band

Composer: Nick Mazuk

Includes score: Yes

Includes parts: Yes

SKU: PS-5368803-D

Seller: Nick Mazuk

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Morning Sunrise


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