Journey Along the River Shore (full orchestra)

By Nick Mazuk

$99.99, for Orchestra

It always gives me great pleasure to get the opportunity to rework a piece for a different ensemble. In this instance, it was taking a piece I wrote earlier this year for string nonet (4 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, and 1 bass) and expanded it for full orchestra. Perhaps the greatest difference, besides the difference in colors of the sound, is that the middle portion of the original is left out. While I feel like it was an essential part to the string version, I feel like that part was meant for strings and would have not translated to my satisfaction to orchestra.

But while I took out parts, there were several lines that were added to the original for intensity and interest during certain key portions of the score. These lines appear most notably in the woodwinds.

Overall, though, this version expands on the original and explores the coloristic possibilities that an orchestra provides over a string nonet which adds new dimensions to the original piece.

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