The Stars, The Moon, and The Heavens (Grade 2 Flex Band)

By Jason Bailey

Concert band

Easy difficulty

Includes score and parts

Digital download

This is a great "teaching" piece for middle school or small high school ensemble, depicting the wonders of our vast unknown space that surrounds us. This piece is designed with easy rhythms, with an introduction to some dissonant harmonies that your students will enjoy learning how to hear and play. The piece is also designed to be a great intro to "epic" style pieces that are popular in action and adventure movies. The piece is written in Flex Band style, with 5 parts that multiple instruments can play. There are many percussion parts available, including chimes, 2 cymbal parts, a very involved timpani part, snare, and concert bass. Clarinets 2 and 3 are under the break, perfect for less experienced players. I had a wonderful time composing this piece, and I hope your students will have as just as a wonderful time learning with this piece and playing it as I did writing it!

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Product details

Title: The Stars, The Moon, and The Heavens (Grade 2 Flex Band)

Ensemble: Concert band

Composer: Jason Bailey

Difficulty: Easy

Includes score: Yes

Includes parts: Yes

SKU: PS-8635743-D

Seller: Hawkeye Music

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The Stars, The Moon, and The Heavens (Grade 2 Flex Band)


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