Grandfather's Folk Song (Grade 2.5-3 Flex Band)

By Jason Bailey

Concert band

Easy difficulty

Includes score and parts

Digital download

Grandfather's Folk Song - In 1929, Jimmie Rodgers released the song Waiting for a Train, which became one of the iconic songs of the great depression. My grandfather, George Thompson, was a self-taught guitar player and a humble street cleaner in the SW Virginia mountain town of Norton. A recording was made of him playing this iconic song in 1979 by the Appleshop of Whitesburg, KY, a preservation society of mountain tradition and music. This grade 2.5-3 piece is a tribute to him, and the song he sang for this short video.

  1. 5-part Flex Band - Great for an advanced middle school group or a small high school group looking for a folkish style of piece.
  2. Clarinets 2 and 3 are kept below the break.
  3. Bells may play Fl/Ob 1.
  4. Many percussion parts.
  5. Lots of style changes to help students learn articulation.
  6. A great blend of dissonance to reinforce ensemble listening.
  7. Click tracks:

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Title: Grandfather's Folk Song (Grade 2.5-3 Flex Band)

Ensemble: Concert band

Composer: Jason Bailey

Difficulty: Easy

Includes score: Yes

Includes parts: Yes

SKU: PS-8323637-D

Seller: Hawkeye Music

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Grandfather's Folk Song (Grade 2.5-3 Flex Band)


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