"The Nightingale" Flute Duet and Piano

By Grant Horsley

$4.50, for Woodwind Duet-Flute duet and piano

"The Nightingale" Flute duet and Piano is a flute duet in Barcarolle tempo and in ternary form. I wanted the lilting tempo in the outer sections to have a medieval minor tone, to work with the contrasting major section in the middle. I very much wanted it to be a flute duet rather than flute 1 and flute 2, so the parts are pretty equally divided. It is classical in nature, but uses modes and has a few interesting harmonies. It is placed at early intermediate level, about associated board grade 4 (op note F (only once I believe)- dotted quaver semiquaver is the most complicated rhythm),and would be very suitable for concerts, recitals, weddings as well as an incidental piece. There are 2 flute pages per part and the piano part has 5 pages- 5 minutes in length.

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Sold by Grant Horsley.

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