Rhapsody on theme of Paganini" (18th variation) Piano Solo

By S Rachmaninoff, Arr. Grant Horsley

$4.00, for Piano

This is the beautiful 18th variation on a theme of Paganini by Rachmaninoff. This arrangement has been kept in the original key of D flat- as any other key simply doesn't sound the same! A lot of the big octaves have been omitted as this works well with orchestra but not as a solo. I wanted to keep the charm of the piece yet retain some grandeur hence some of the poly rhythms and large chordal areas make it advanced in level. One of the challenges was to take the full score, and where places are shared between orchestra and piano, take the very essential parts required to make the solo. This piece is really a show-stopper that many people love, and is perfect for a showpiece, recital, graduation, concert, wedding of any form of incidental music.

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Sold by Grant Horsley.