"Prelude in G minor" op 23 no 5-Rachmaninoff- Piano solo- simplified version

By S Racmaninoff, arr. Grant Horsley


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From his beautiful 2nd piano concerto and the music from the film "brief encounter" it' very likely this the most well known and loved of all the Rachmaninoff preludes for piano solo. I wanted to keep this beautiful work as close to the original as possible, but make it accessible for more pianists to play as the full version is very difficult. I have kept the key in G minor, but still want to retain all the power and passion of this prelude. It is still a complex piece, but this arrangement is hopefully less so, than the original.I have taken all(or nearly all) notes which make large stretches-therefore there is nothing greater than an octave in either hand, what is more I have tried to limit the amount of notes "within" the chord to keep power and make it easier to handle. I've also changed the beaming to made it a little more user friendly- and tried to avoid big leaps. Certain areas have been shared by the hands-even places are swapped to achieve a musical result. This is a truly wonderful piece-it has given pleasure to so many people. I have placed it at advanced intermediate as I cannot see it being less than that level. It is fantastic for concerts, recitals, or even just an "adventure" to play.

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Title: "Prelude in G minor" op 23 no 5-Rachmaninoff- Piano solo- simplified version

Ensemble: Piano

Composer: S Racmaninoff

Arranger: Grant Horsley

Includes score: Yes

Includes parts: No

SKU: PS-6158710-D


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"Prelude in G minor" op 23 no 5-Rachmaninoff- Piano solo- simplified version


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