Pathetique Sonata (slow mvt) by Beethoven- Simplified version

By L V Beethoven, Arr. Grant Horsley

$3.50, for Piano

This version is with the pianist who doesn't feel quite ready for the full version and would love to play this gorgeous movement. I have arranged it in several ways to make it simpler without changing too much. It has been put into 4/4 instead of 2/4 time to be more user friendly. Also there is nothing greater than an octave in either hand. "Inside" parts (where appropriate) have been divided between the hands so there are no uncomfortable stretches. All ornaments have been written out in full for the purpose of the arrangement, and the big chords in the middle section have been minimised but keep the power required. The audio is my own recording of the piece. I have listed it as Advanced Intermediate, but a competent Intermediate pianist (grade 5-6) could manage it.

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Sold by Grant Horsley.

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