"Liebestraum"- piano solo- Simplified version-

By F Liszt, Arr. Grant Horsley

$3.50, for Piano

This is an arrangement of F Liszt's truly wonderful Liebestraum. It is Advanced Intermediate arrangement (details below) as I wanted to keep the grace and power of the original. I wanted to give opportunities for pianists to sample this wonderful piece if they were not quite up to the original yet. Details of the arrangement are as follows: It has been arranged in the key of G major instead of the original A flat for ease of reading. A lot of octaves have been taken out but several are left in to keep the power of the forte passages. All octaves are optional. The two very fast flourishes (cadenza like sections) have been notated into rhythmical groupings. "Flourish" one page 3 has a few notes removed from the original but keeps the overall effect the same, and there is a rising pattern to follow- I've also assigned rh/lh on the score. "Flourish" 2 page 6 is identical to the original- again notated into rhythmical groupings- the descending sequence here is a series of chromatic 7th chords to assist! It is 8 pages long and 5 minutes in length

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