"Liberty Rag" For Flute Duet and Piano

By Grant Horsley

Flute duet

Intermediate difficulty

Includes score and parts

Digital download

An original Rag for Flute duet and Piano.

Parts are equally divided as I didn't want a prominent part. It's written in the key of G major and the highest note is top F which only comes once. It has 4 sections- 3.20 secs long.

It is true to a ragtime feel with a steady 2 beats in a bar- rhythmically nothing more complicated than a quaver and semiquaver. No triplet are involved-I estimate it to be intermediate level-(associated board grade 5) although some early intermediate players may enjoy it. It really is designed as something different and a bit of fun! Great for concerts, recitals, productions, showpiece- but could be very useful in technique, training and understanding styles.etc.


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Product details

Title: "Liberty Rag" For Flute Duet and Piano

Ensemble: Flute duet

Composer: Grant Horsley

Difficulty: Intermediate

Includes score: Yes

Includes parts: Yes

SKU: PS-845538-D


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"Liberty Rag" For Flute Duet and Piano


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