"La Plus Que Lente" C. Debussy- Piano solo- Simplified version

By C Debussy, arr. Grant Horsley


Advanced difficulty

Includes score

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I have arranged this this timeless classic for piano in a number of ways to make it manageable. Most important of all, it is in the key of G major as a key signature of one sharp is more readable than the original of 6 flats. I've also taken a lot of quaver octaves out but left the necessary ones in (in my opinion) to add to the power of the appassionato section- I've left other octaves in, where the music is less demanding, and I've also divided some areas into both hands which are difficult for one hand. I've added a small amount of fingering to the score to assist in tricky areas, but I wanted to keep the whole piece as close to the original as possible It is 6 pages long- 5 min 30. It has been placed at advanced intermediate, although lots of areas are manageable by a competent intermediate player. This piece is perfect for concerts, recitals, weddings, solo instrumental occasions, repertoire, technique and training.

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Product details

Title: "La Plus Que Lente" C. Debussy- Piano solo- Simplified version

Ensemble: Piano

Composer: C Debussy

Arranger: Grant Horsley

Difficulty: Advanced

Includes score: Yes

Includes parts: No

SKU: PS-5023749-D


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"La Plus Que Lente" C. Debussy- Piano solo- Simplified version


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