Fur Elise- A jazz and Rock Rhapsody-piano solo

By L V Beethoven, Arr. Grant Horsley

$3.50, for Piano

"Fur Elise"- A Jazz and Rock Rhapsody- Piano solo. This arrangement has been kept as close to the original in terms of structure, but I wanted to give the whole piece a twist include Jazz and Rock styles. Although this arrangement is listed as Advanced Intermediate, it is fair to say it is the "top end" of the level,however some areas are well within the parameters. There is a slightly easier version on the site, which is aimed at Intermediate level, (again top end) which has some of the bigger stretches taken out, also lighter chords, smaller range etc. It is intended as a showpiece and to add something different to a repertoire list. It is 8 pages long and nearly 5 minutes in length

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