Fur Elise A jazz and rock rhapsody piano solo. Intermediate

By L V Beethoven, Arr. Grant Horsley

$3.50, for Piano

"Fur Elise"- A Jazz and Rock Rhapsody- Piano solo. This arrangement has been kept as close to the original in terms of structure, but I wanted to give the whole piece a twist include Jazz and Rock styles. Although this arrangement is listed as Intermediate, it is fair to say it is the "top end" of the level and maybe a challenge (Grades 6-7) There is a slightly harder/beefier version on the site, which is aimed at Advanced Intermediate level, (again top end) which has bigger stretches and also heavier chords, larger range etc. It is intended as a showpiece and to add something different to a repertoire list. It is 8 pages long and nearly 5 minutes in length

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