Fur Elise-A Jazz and Rock Duet for B flat Clarinet and Piano

By L V Beethoven, Arr. Grant Horsley

$3.50, for Clarinet with Piano Accompaniment

"Fur Elise"- A Jazz and Rock Duet for B flat clarinet and piano. This arrangement has been kept as close to the original in terms of structure, but I wanted to give the whole piece a twist include Jazz and Rock styles. Although this arrangement is listed as Advanced Intermediate, it is fair to say it is quite "top end" of the level in a few places,however some areas are well within the parameters. It was very much my intention to arranged this as a duet with both instruments of equal importance. It is intended as a showpiece as well as a bit of fun and something different, and to add something as an alternative to a repertoire list. It is 8 pages long and nearly 5 minutes in length.

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Sold by Grant Horsley.

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