"Fantasie-Impromptu" F. Chopin. Piano solo Simplified version

By F Chopin, arr. Grant Horsley


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Fantasie-Impromptu" F. Chopin. Piano solo Simplified version The very famous piece of Chopin, has been simplified in a number of ways: 1 I have arranged it in the key of C minor instead of C sharp minor which is for ease of reading and playing. 2 Probably the most important- the challenge for this piece was always the 4 against 3 poly rhythm throughout- I have changed this, so the left hand plays quavers, whilst the right hand maintains the semiquavers- the result means that at speed, there is very little difference- but a massive difference in the co-ordination and playability. 3 I have left the accents in, and also included a small amount of essential fingering. 4 The middle section is now in C major instead of D flat which is a huge difference.The even 7's in the middle section have been readjusted to fit the left hand. The piece is still challenging, but far less so. Advanced Intermediate level. 12 pages- 5mins 30secs.

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Title: "Fantasie-Impromptu" F. Chopin. Piano solo Simplified version

Ensemble: Piano

Composer: F Chopin

Arranger: Grant Horsley

Includes score: Yes

Includes parts: No

SKU: PS-6606175-D


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"Fantasie-Impromptu" F. Chopin. Piano solo Simplified version


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