Clair De Lune- Simplified version

By C Debussy, Arr. Grant Horsley

$4.00, for Piano

Claire De Lune by Debussy- Simplified version- needs no words. I have listed this as Advanced intermediate, but it crosses the line to Intermediate on a number of ocassions. I have arranged this firstly in the key of C. I tried to keep as much of the original as possible in terms of detail and some of the difficult octaves and hard to reach chords have been carefully arranged. What I wanted to do was to give intermediate pianists who were perhaps not quite ready for the full version, an opportunity to play a version of it, also for pianists who would appreciate a slightly modified approach. I didn't want an "easy" version as such,but one that retains the qualities of the original. It is a beautiful piece which can be used for concerts, recitals, weddings,celebrations etc

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Sold by Grant Horsley.