"Calypso" For Flute Choir (with hand claps)

By Grant Horsley

Flute choir

Intermediate difficulty

Includes score and parts

Digital download

Calypso is a fun piece for flute choir featuring hand claps! It is scored for 4 C flutes, Alto and Bass flute and written in concert G major. All parts are active most of the time as this piece involves clapping as an additional element. In the clapping sections, foot stomps use of sticks etc can be used as an alternative- anything goes in the percussive sections to make it a happy piece. There is a section in the middle which is entirely clapping- this section can be altered or adapted to incorporate alternative clapping rhythms, or extended if people wish. The range is about 2 octaves in the parts and the highest note is top G which only appears once in flute 1 in the last bar! It’s more of a challenge rhythmically but it follows elements of the style and most of the work is quavers and crotchets (eighth ’s and quarters) It has been set to intermediate level.

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Product details

Title: "Calypso" For Flute Choir (with hand claps)

Ensemble: Flute choir

Composer: Grant Horsley

Difficulty: Intermediate

Includes score: Yes

Includes parts: Yes

SKU: PS-8081322-D


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"Calypso" For Flute Choir (with hand claps)


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