"Aria" For String Quartet

By Grant Horsley

String quartet

Intermediate difficulty

Includes score and parts

Digital download

Aria is scored for Standard String Quartet (2 violins, viola and violincello) It is a very restful melodic piece based on a single motif heard in bar 1. Written in the key of D major the piece is very "hymn -like" in design- with long notes and chords but has some unusual harmonies. The searing theme is stated then repeated with variation in texture. The theme is then developed using the rhythmic motif in the beginning climaxing in E major briefly before calmly returning to D major to repeat again. On this repeat more variation and articulation takes place before a restful conclusion. The range of all instruments is around two octaves with no complicated rhythms and I've tried to keep all parts interesting. and evenly balanced in terms of quantity . Bowing is left to the performers. Suitable for a variety of purposes: Concerts, Recitals, Contests, Festivals, Easter, Church services, Weddings, Sacred, Interludes, Productions or an addition to the repertoire.

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Product details

Title: "Aria" For String Quartet

Ensemble: String quartet

Composer: Grant Horsley

Difficulty: Intermediate

Includes score: Yes

Includes parts: Yes

SKU: PS-5516135-D


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"Aria" For String Quartet


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