Siren's Song (for Organ)

By Christian Jesse


Includes score

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Program Notes:

When I came to SMU, the first composition I wanted to tackle was a piece for organ. After seeing the Fisk Organ, opus 101, how can anyone not want to compose a piece for this magnificent instrument? After doing my research and meeting with a couple of different organists, I began to write. By the middle of the semester, I had a theme and variations sort of piece but left it incomplete as I began to work on other projects. Come time for my master’s thesis project I knew I wanted to include organ. I picked this piece back up, finished it, and met with another organist to go through and make changes where they needed to be. At long last, Siren’s Song was completed.


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Title: Siren's Song (for Organ)

Ensemble: Piano

Composer: Christian Jesse

Includes score: Yes

Includes parts: No

SKU: PS-9137896-D

Seller: Christian Jesse Music

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Siren's Song (for Organ)


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