Shades of Eltham - Orchestra

By Brendan Elliget MAGA 537

$30.00, for Orchestra

Shades of Eltham (Eltham Concert Band - 35 Years of Music) - Orchestral Version

Dedicated to Ern and Beattie Shade for their contribution to the Eltham Concert Band. The title of this piece is a play on words, of course, indicating both the Shades themselves and the various “shades” or moods of the music or even perhaps, the “shady” bushland setting of the area itself. I composed this piece with a few simple ideas in mind. The letters “E” and “A” in the word “Eltham” suggested to me an interval of a fourth, or the other way around, an interval of a fifth – which are both used in many of entries of the themes and musical motifs throughout the work – especially the brass. There are several variations and counter melodies within the work: a bright “two-four” march-like theme, probably the “Main” theme, and a variation of this theme in slower “three-four” time in a minor key with two counter melodies - representing a gentler contrasting mood. On occasions, two or even three themes play simultaneously. A bridging passage in “four-four” occurs about two-thirds into the composition leading up to a restatement of the main theme. The final climax or Coda actually has both “three four” melody against the “two-four” one resolving in the last few bars in a dramatic way. I hope you enjoy my musical tribute to the “Shades”.

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Grade = 4 Duration = 7:20 Mins

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