On Our Selection Waltz - Solo Piano

By Chas W. Taylor (1912), Arr. Brendan Elliget MAGA 537

$5.50, for Piano

"On Our Selection Waltz" was incidental music used in a successful play of the same name dedicated to Steele Rudd… On Our Selection was also a 1920 Australian silent film directed by Raymond Longford based on the Dad and Dave stories by Steele Rudd. The piano edition was composed by Chas W. Taylor and first published by Allan and Co in 1912. It is now in the Public Domain. The waltz has a short Moderato Pastorale and Valse Lente in the introduction followed by three waltz variations - Waltz No. 1, Waltz No.2 and Waltz No. 3. It concludes with a reprise section with the restatement of Waltz No.1’s theme and short finale. In this piano edition of the music each section is written out fully rather the use of many “D.S.” symbols and Fines

Grade = 3-4 Duration = 7:50 mins The MP3 was recorded with NotePerformer 3.

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