Ancient Days - In Times Past - Orchestra

By Brendan Elliget

$25.00, for Orchestra

This original minor-keyed theme was written in 1982 as a short round. It has now been expanded to a full orchestral arrangement. It begins with the original theme for the woodwinds and strings with more instruments including brass and strings being added as the round develops. The composition continues to expand harmonically using the elements of the original round throughout. With a final climax in the last few bars, it then dies away on the last major chord.

There are parts for Violin 3 (sub for Viola), Harp, and optional Piano (Not on the score). The only percussion parts are for Timpani and Glockenspiel…

The MP3 was recorded with NotePerformer 3.

Grade = 3 Duration = 5:08 mins.

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Sold by Brendan Elliget.