Qua Vestra Sedes Floruit | SATB Choir with Soprano Solo

By Andrew Robert Wilcox

Church choir

Includes score

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As I write this, finishing up the final notes in the dawn of 2019, I reflect on this piece as both a thank-you note and a recognition of all of the people at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Fullerton. It was thanks to Eleanor Nunez, the director of music at the congregation, that I was able to find work as a bass section leader there, and show everything I had learned as a musician.

When setting the text, I wanted to chose something that would fit my expeiences within the Unitarian Universalist community, which for me meant text that reflected the comfort, love, and spirituality of being in a community. This text I chose is an excerpt from a larger text called "O Lux Beata" in St. Basil's Hymnal. This excerpt spoke to me as a reminder to be thankful not just for the roof over our heads or the things inside it, but more importantly, to be thankful for the lessons learned and the people that are there. It's a feeling of belonging that people of any ethnicity or faith that anyone can relate to.

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Title: Qua Vestra Sedes Floruit | SATB Choir with Soprano Solo

Ensemble: Church choir

Composer: Andrew Robert Wilcox

Includes score: Yes

Includes parts: No

SKU: PS-8487442-D

Seller: Andrew Robert Wilcox

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Qua Vestra Sedes Floruit | SATB Choir with Soprano Solo


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