Automatons Under the Moss | Solo Piano

By Andrew Robert Wilcox


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While working as an assistant to Dr. Pamela Madsen's 20th-Century Harmony Course at California State University, Fullerton, I wrote the first couple pages of this piece as a demonstration of impressionist techniques. As it turned out, the piece was not finished there. This piece was written as, and remains, a film music suite without a film to accompany it. When writing the work, a story led me through different sections far more than thinking about form. The music takes inspiration from multiple sources throughout the 20th and 21st century, including Debussy, Bartók, Hisaishi, and the Legend of Zelda series composers Koji Kondo and Manaka Kataoka. In many ways, it represents a harmonic synthesis of everything I learned at Cal State Fullerton, which I can attribute to the many talented instructors I trained under while studying there.

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Title: Automatons Under the Moss | Solo Piano

Ensemble: Piano

Composer: Andrew Robert Wilcox

Includes score: Yes

Includes parts: No

SKU: PS-3812178-D

Seller: Andrew Robert Wilcox

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Automatons Under the Moss | Solo Piano


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