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Parts and Score makes it easy to share your music to the world. That way you can get back to what matters most: writing music.

Step 1

Upload music with ease

Uploading music to Parts and Score is quick and painless. As you type instant feedback about how your music appears in search. And once you finish uploading music, it's instantly available for sale.

Step 2

Customize your listings and store

Once you upload your music, customize how it's listed. Change it's thumbnail or description. You can even embed performances from YouTube. Plus, you'll can also customize your own beautiful store, making it uniquely yours.

Step 3

Share your music everywhere

Not only is it easy to share your music across social media with one click, but we also automatically sync your music to Google Search, Bing, and DuckDuck Go. You'll may even be on the Parts and Score homepage.

Step 4

Enable musicians to buy your music

Parts and Score is designed from the ground up to help musicians find your music. So once someone finds your music, it's extremely easy for them to buy.

Step 5

Get paid quickly and easily for every sale

When someone buys your music, you'll get paid automatically through PayPal. And you'll be paid in just two weeks.

Parts and Score’s interface is very user-friendly and intuitive. It has made publishing my arrangements much easier than ever before.

Olivia Nava

Music student

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