Dozens of all new features

Dozens of all new features

Everything you've always wanted: now in one place

Sell your music without limits

Enjoy the highest royalties in the business

Earn 60-75% on every sale. That's higher than any other place that allows you to self-publish your music. And if you upload more, you earn more. Earn 60% on every sale when you upload 1-4 pieces. Earn 70% when you upload 5-24 pieces. And earn 75% when you upload 25 or more pieces.

Get paid incredibly quickly through PayPal

Don't wait months to get paid. With Parts and Score, collect your earnings every two weeks. And no need to sign any complicated forms. All you need is a PayPal email address.

Upload and sell an unlimited amount of music

Upload as much music as you want. Only have one piece? No problem. Have a 5,000 piece catalogue? You can sell everything for free.

Retain complete ownership—your music stays yours

Your music is yours. Retain all copyrights, publishing rights, performance rights, mechanical rights, all other legal rights, and complete ownership for your music. You can even continue to collect ASCAP and BMI royalties for performances.

Remove your music at any time, for any reason

Your music is yours. When you choose Parts and Score, you're not locked in. There's not even a long-term contract. If you decide you don't like Parts and Score, you're free to remove your music and sell elsewhere.

Sell anything you have the rights for

You can sell original compositions, arrangements of public domain music, or arrangements of copyrighted music that you have the license to sell.

Continue selling elsewhere, we're not exclusive

You can sell on Parts and Score while continuing to sell elsewhere. There's no need to give up your current income just to use Parts and Score. You literally have nothing to lose.

I need to stress that I really like this site. It is very user-friendly and easy to update. I learned very quickly how to make my material more attractive by replacing the thumbnail with a graphic representing the cover of my work.

C. Foster Payne


Add music with ease

Upload new music instantly

Parts and Score is incredibly fast. When you upload music, it's instantly available for sale. And it's instantly findable through search.


Quickly find the right ensemble

Don't dig through hundreds of ensembles to find the perfect one. Parts and Score makes that process easy.

Control exactly how your music appears in search

You can control exactly how your music appears in search. Customize the title, the composer, the thumbnail, the audio preview, and more. You're in control.


See how your music appears in search before you upload

On other sites, you don't now how your music is presented in search until you publish. With Parts and Score, you'll get an instant preview. With every keystroke, see how your title, price, and even thumbnail improve your listing.

Share your music everywhere

Share your music to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with one click

You've spent lots of time building up your audience on Facebook. Share your music with them with just one click.


Let musicians find your music from Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo

If the big search engines don't know about your music, you're missing out on sales. Traditionally, syncing with Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo is complicated, but we've made it automatic.


Be featured on the homepage

Every time someone visits Parts and Score, we display several composers on the homepage. These are chosen randomly, so you always have a chance to get discovered.

Control exactly how musicians can find your music with SEO

Tailor exactly how musicians can find your music. Have the freedom to choose the tags and search terms for every piece.

Customize your new store

Share all your music in one place with a beautiful store

When you use Parts and Score, you get your own store with all your music. It's beautiful and designed with the same care you have when you write music. Be able to share all your music with just one link, and be proud to share it.

Coming soon

Organize your music any way you want

You should be able to customize your store. Sort your music by popularity, ensemble, or even it's average rating.

Customize every aspect from your picture to your bio

Your store is yours. So you should be able to customize every aspect of it. This includes adding beautiful profile artwork, inserting your bio, and even linking to all your social media. You may not even need your own website.

…The creators of Parts and Score have done they're homework. Composers have nothing to lose and only much to gain by joining Parts and Score. Two thumbs up!

Tito Abeleda


Keep your music protected


Make sure others can't sell your music without your permission

Other websites have had security breaches that allowed scam artists to sell your music without your permission. We watermark every preview image and prevent bots from scraping Parts and Score, making it difficult for others to sell your music.

Sell watermarked PDFs to make sure others can't share your music

Every PDF you upload is watermarked with the buyer's name. This makes it difficult for people to share your sheet music without your permission. And if they do, you'll know exactly who shared it.

Best search page

Let musicians listen to your music from the search results

When musicians browse for music, they want to be able to hear your music. Why should they have to click on your music to discover how spectacular it is? That's why we let them listen to your wonderful music directly in the search results.

Make decisions based on data

See how many times people view your music listings

Understand how many people view your music every day. See if your music is getting more popular over time, or if your posts on Facebook are working. And if people aren't buying your music, know if you need to fix your listing or you just need more traffic.

Coming soon

Learn exactly how people find your music

Answer valuable questions like "How are people finding my music?" and "where are my sales coming from?" Are they coming from Parts and Score's search, your website, YouTube, Google, or somewhere else? That way you can promote your music through channels that work.

Coming soon

Understand how to improve your music listings based on data

Make your music irresistible. Know if people are listening to your audio sample, or are they listening to your YouTube video? How does this impact your sales? With this data, you can update your listings based off real data, not a guess.

All your questions, answered

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