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To sell your music on Parts and Score, you just need to sign up for an account (free) and upload music. We'll then help share your music and make it very easy for musicians to find and buy your music. Then, when your music sells, the buyer will get the PDFs of your music and you'll earn high royalties. You'll recieve your royalties in just a few weeks through PayPal.

You just need the PDFs for the sheet music that you have the rights to sell. That's it! Then once you sign up, we'll guide you through the easy process of uploading your music.

Parts and Score is completely free. No one-time costs. No setup fee. No monthly subscription. You have nothing to lose.


If you own the rights to sell it, you can sell it. This includes original compositions, arrangements of anything in the public domain, and arrangements of any copyrighted works you have permission to sell.

Your royalty is how much you earn when you sell your music. Other places may use the terms "commissions" or "earnings", but they all mean the same thing.

You earn royalties every time your music sells. How much you earn depends on how many pieces you've uploaded. You earn 60% on every sale if you've uploaded 1-4 pieces. You earn 70% if you've uploaded 5-24 pieces. And you earn 75% if you've uploaded 25 or more pieces.


For every piece you upload, we take great care to ensure it's protected. All preview images are watermarked. Historically, scam sites have used these preview images to sell your music without your knowledge or permission. Using Parts and Score reduces that likelihood. Additionally, every PDF is watermarked with the name of the buyer. That way, it's harder for people to post or share your music without your permission. Furthermore, we have dozens more security measures to ensure your music stays yours.

We watermark every preview image and every PDF.


Definitely. You retain all copyrights, publishing rights, performance rights, complete ownership, and all other rights to your music. And you have the right to remove your music from Parts and Score at any time, for any reason.

Yep. You own the rights to your music and you can continue to sell your music elsewhere. Selling on Parts and Score is not exclusive.

Yep. You can sell any original music you've written.

Sure thing. Just be aware that different countries have different laws in reguards to copyright. What's in the public domain for one country may not be in the public domain in another. In general, anything written before 1925 is likely public domain.

If you have permission from the copyright owner, sure thing! Parts and Score does not currently negotion the licenses you'll need.

Definitely. At Parts and Score, only your sheet music is sold. You retain all the performance rights.

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