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**The original score to the simplified version.** For more: take a look at my other scores _(simplified and original)_ **** _piano accompaniment made easy_ The piano part of "solo-pieces" is arranged so anybody, with a decent knowledge of piano playing, can accompany. - the arrangements are meant to be used in lesson by the instrumental teacher who normally can`t play the piano very well (just be honest…) - the arrangements can be performed in student concerts, also giving piano students the opportunity to learn to accompany - building same aged duos is easy now - the essence of the piece will not be lost - all pieces can be played with the original solo - the massive piano sound is reduced and is much more fitting to the sound of a small student instrument - all essential quemotives and rhythms are similar to the original part - the student will therefore not be irritated later If you want to stay updated subscribe to the [Youtube channel]( or visit the website []( **Difficulty Level of the simplified scores** The difficulty of all pieces is reduced by at least 50% but always with an open eye for the quality of sound - judge for yourself: you can watch the youtube videos, and see some pages of the score. The piano score of most of the student pieces are manageable for piano students of the same level - so it's (finally) possible to build duos of the same age. **The simplified scores are ratet with a star system:** 1 star = absolute beginner 2 stars = beginner / side reading possible 3 stars = needs an overview before lesson and practice before performing 4 stars = practice before lesson and prepare own fingering 5 stars = practice, damn it, practice (but hey - it's still easier than the original) (+) = playing only left hand gets the job done (in lesson)

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Product details
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Schubert, F. - Sonate "Arpeggione" in a-minor, D821 - for Violin & Piano




Franz Schubert


Philip Lehmann

Includes score


Includes parts





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Schubert, F. - Sonate "Arpeggione" in a-minor, D821 - for Violin & Piano

By Franz Schubert. Arranged by Philip Lehmann.



Includes score and parts

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